Thursday, December 6, 2018

Day 105: Climbing to the Top

It's been a month since I wrote here, I have changed places, new, better flat closer to work which is cool. I find it difficult now from not writing to again write but hey I will push through the resistance.

Two days ago I went indoor climbing and there were also aerials silk dancing classes there and I observed a young woman there, it is difficult to describe what I realized but it reminded me of a Black Mirror episode where beings can live in a mind world and experience them there even if they die or are ill in their physical body. So this young woman was there experiencing herself like, what up? What can be done here? And it reminded of my own potential, like telling myself, what's up? I am here in this reality and I can learn how it works and make the best of it - and improve it so all can live their fullest potential.

And the funny thing is that I know what to do. I don't know about this young woman maybe she feels lost or maybe not but myself I know what I have to do to improve myself and change myself to change my experience here.

So in a way I am privileged, so much so but I have to grasp it, take this potential and make it real. Through application, through living what I see that I can do.

And live it, apply myself everyday so that my mind doesn't take over and I let the days pass without applying myself because then I find it more difficult every time to apply myself and also I don't enjoy that, losing my days without purpose.

Also when indoor climbing I could climb some parts but some other parts I found difficult and couldn't do them, and the instructor told me it would be very boring if I could do them all the first time, which is true.

So one thing to remind myself is to do more activities such as indoor climbing, as going out of my comfort zone, doing other stuff than working or being home makes me realize stuff and face myself. In a way going to do indoor climbing the other day grounded me and made me come in contact with reality again, after a month where I have been slacking off and more distracted by everything that was going on in my life such as changing places.

Lessons learned: Do more activities. Put myself to write even if I resist doing it.


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