Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Day 104: Alcohol and Decisions

What would you do if you tried to keep your friend from driving his motorbike early in the morning of a sunday after a night out, you even tried to keep the keys of the motorbike away form his hands but he insisted, and ultimately got the bike keys and drove it anyway? What would you do and how would you feel if your friend died that day, after driving away drunk? Just like that.

First of all don't blame yourself - cry all you want but don't blame yourself. You tried to stop your friend from driving but there exist a point of self responsibility where you cannot decide for another - you can't tie someone up and decide he or she won't move from the same place until they are sober, you don't have that power, and specially when your friend is bigger and stronger than you, and a bit drunk, you can't play the game of hiding the keys for so long. Of course if you were to knew this would have happened you would have trown the keys of the motorbike into the river or far away - to completely avoid the situation for your friend - but you didn't know better. And next time a friend tries to drive drunk, you should indeed throw the keys to the river no matter what the friend says to you - but you didn't know better and your friend A, probably talked you into you giving him the keys of the motorbike with any and all excuses.

You didn't know better at the time, you did all you could, you already had the good intention of preventing him to drive but even though A might have been a bit drunk, or drunk - he had a point of self responsibility - meaning it was His Responsibility whatever happens to him in what he decides to do, to drive or not to drive in that drunk state. We are all Responsible for ourselves, even when we decide to do drugs or alcohol, we are always responsible. And maybe for all we know it was his time to go and he unconsciously took the decision to go away. Maybe it is for the best that he has parted ways - who knows, he is for sure not finished/dead/done he continued to new paths and know this he is very proud of you and for sure the last thing he would want is for you to carry the burden of his death on your back, first of all it is not a load, he simply changed positions, and second of all He decided it to be that way - by taking the motorbike when he didn't have to, his ticket to heaven - where he is safe and sound.

See, that morning I woke up early and went to the local festivities too, they were closing, it was 6 in the morning and it was about to become a new day, I asked the security guys at the concert place when the sun would go up because I wanted to know when the new day started because I had decided to stop smoking by then, and they told me at around 7 the day would be on. So I wanted patiently for 7 in the morning to come, and smoke some last cigarettes before stopping smoking. While I was at this, not only the day came but A went away. If A didn't go away you might probably never find out about this blog and about the existence of afterlife as I will share with you. And J, remember I would never play or share something I am not sure in this difficult situation you are going through. If I decided to share this with you is because I think it is the best I can do and because A would have liked you to know that he is indeed Fine and on his process in the dimensions. It will take a while for you to understand all the information probably, or maybe not, but know this - He is fine and You have no responsibility in his death - it was his decision.


Cheers and a hug

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Day 103: Jumping to Relationships Too Fast?

The other day I met someone and I immediatlely wanted to have a relationship with her. Hey, that is jumping too fast to conclusions. First of all I don't know this invididual, her life or her mind. For me to desire such as thing I should know where the F I am putting myself into.

This happened to me before, go head over heels for someone and then not being in the best possible relationship for me and ultimately have things not working out and inevitably splittling.

I won't repeat the past. First I will get to know someone, then decide if I want to be in a relationship with her or not. So I will apply practically the phrase 'be careful what you wish for' as I don't know what a relationsip with that person involves.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that as long as I want to be with someone, then it is cool to be with that someone - without assessing compatibility first.

I forgive myself that I Have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that I have to assess many things such as compatibility before embarking in a relationship with someone.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to be in a relationship with x before investigating if it is the best option for me by getting to know her first.

I forgive mysefl that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to have a relationship with x instead of accepting friendship first.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that wanting to go into a relaionship with another one from moment 0 is a mistake, as I don't know the person I am dealing with or her mind.

I forgive myself that I have acepted and allowed myself to be careless in what I wish for as in wanting a relationship with someone I don't know yet.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being rejected by x the immediate moment I wanted to have a relationship with her, thus conditioning my interaction with her - instead of not desiring to have a relationship with her that would make the interaction easier.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want x to accept me in a relationship and fear she won't do so instead of investigating if a relationsihp it is really worth it.

I commit myself to remind myself that I first have to get to know someone before deciding to have a relationship with her.

I commit myself to not jump to conlclusions too fast by wanting to be in a relationship with someone I just met.

I commit myself to not let the desire to have a relationship with someone cloud my judgement or my interaction with her.

I commit myself to let go of the desires of wanting to be with someone and instead look at practicality, is it worth it or not?


Friday, October 26, 2018

Day 102: The Power of the Community

So today I had to give away my laptop to his rightful owner as it was not mine and he needed it back, so I was about to become laptopless for a while I thought - but I needed a pc to be able to write blogs. So I got into Facebook and asked my Facebook friends for help, and sure thing, more than one and two readily offered their help lending me not one but two laptops they offered me. Right now I am typing thanks to a friend. Thus the power of the community, where we help eachother to the degree that each can. I was laptopless and didn't have the money to buy one at the moment, as I am leaving the place I am living now for a new place, and it is expensive to move places where I live.

So this is a good reminder that we are not alone, that we can help eachoter, be kind to eachother, do unto another as we would like done unto ourselves. When I get back on my feet I will buy myself a laptop and return the laptop that has been given to me.

Whenever you feel like you are alone, remember this, you are not alone, there is people out there, friends that will help you out if you are also ready to help them. In my facbook post I didn't merely ask for a laptop, I offered many rewards for those that wanted to help me out, such as helping them clean their backyard, help clean their home, cut the grass, help them move homes if they are moving, or whatever else I could help them with. There were also more simple rewards like 'A simple thank you' or 'A hug' which were the rewards choosen by the individual that lent me this laptop I am writting on at the moment. Because he didn't NEED anything else, he didn't choose a more demanding reward. So in life it is all about Needs, who needs the most has to be given the most help. Who needs less, commonsensicaly thus, needs less help.

And so the more able have to help the less able, or the more fortunate have to help the less fortunate. Yes, I can say I have been unfortunate in having to move places and also in losing money this past month, where by negligence on my part I had money on me and lost it. I have learnt from this and will never carry more money than I need, but as they say, shit happens.

So this post is more a thank you to all that has helped me, with giving me a tool that everyone should have, a computer, so that I can walk my process and share my process in blogs as well as use computer software that I need.

Thank you

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Day 101: Invest in Those that Invest in You

Listen to your teachers, the Real Life teachers.

Ever had a teacher that believed in yourself? The teacher appears when the student is ready. Don't let pass the teachers that appear in you life, those that support you - Investigate how come they support you and invest back in them. By investing back in them I mean let them help you, do what they propose if it is cool for your life, give them your attention and put in the time to apply the solutions that they propose. 

The teachers says and does, the student listens and does accordingly.

Listen to true teachers though, don't be misguided. A true teacher is him or her that has applied in their life what they teach, so you have the Living Proof that what they teach is real. If you want to learn success, if a successful individual is supporting you, get all the help from them that you can, this means apply what they have applied, realize you don't know many things and at some point you have to follow the guidelines that They have followed to arrive where they have arrived.

Never postpone. What I have told you is the recipe for success. If someone has it and has proven it in their life - do exactly as they did - to succeed as they did. Very Simple Stuff. The only trick is to identify who is really successful and who is not. I would suggest to look at their life, how they live and what they have achieved and achieve in their life.

Life hacks 101


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Day 100: Attitude Is Everything - Destonians yet Individuals

Attitude: A settled way of thinking or feeling about something.

Attitude is Everything. Why did I get hired at the job I am doing currently? The manager told me he hired me because of my attitude.

Why do you get in life the results and things you have? Because of your attitude, on how you think, feel and thus do and behave accordingly.

You think your life sucks? Your life will suck. You think you can't change? You will not change.

On the other way around, you think and believe you can change, you can change yourself. It is that easy.

But you have to know how: How to change yourself, how to change your life. For this you have to go straight to the source - Who do you Listen to? Who do you look up to? Look up to someone that has that which you want for yourself.

Sometimes if not always we overcomplicate ourselves and our lives but remember it is easier than you think, because we overcomplicate things when we overthink.

Bernard Poolman is the example of what one can do to change the world, I look up to him.  Investigate his work, investigate Desteni.

Few will do this, few will investigate themselves or Desteni.

Why should you listen to me? I am applying the tools of Desteni. I listen to Bernard Poolman. I met Bernard Poolman - yet question everything I say, test it out for youself, try it out for yourself, crossreference it with other Destonians.

Don't trust Destonians just because they are Destonians, they can fuck up too, and I have learned this -- not because someone is Destonian they cannot be misleaded or make mistakes, so make sure you go straight to the source when in doubt. That means listen directly from Desteni - don't take my explanation of it and run with it, although my blogs can help you out, you must go straight to the source and apply yourself, apply the tools from the source directly and test them out!

I am not saying Destonians are unreliable, most of the time you can learn from them, it is only that on the very difficult subjects even Destonians can fuck up and fail - and you should not give up on a difficult point only because a Destonian has failed in that point.

Let's take the example of Business - some Destonians might become proficient at Business and some others might not - and then who will you listen to, a Destonian that says a type of Business doesn't work or to someone who has proven it works? Always crossreference wich means ask here and there, ask reliable sources, go to the source, go to those that have proven something works and ask them directly - not because something has not worked for a specific Destonian means that it cannot work for you.

It is time to stop worshipping Labels, Destonians, non-Destonians etcetera. We are all Individuals in the first place, we can fuck up and we can make things work. I would highly suggest you listen to those that are making their Life work. Ask them what do you have to do to be, become and have what they have become and have.

You have to learn to ask very good questions, or good questions at least.

From me, you if you are Bipolar, you can take the experience that I got from this illness, I know how to deal with my illness so I could help you with that. Say something to me if you need help.

From me, you can learn what Not to do in terms of procrastinating my process - never delay applying yourself.

From me, you can take that Failure in Life is not Worth Living - as I failed many times.

From me, you can take Resilience, Persistance, Not Giving Up, Not Giving In - In all those 10 years since I knew of Desteni I have Never given up on myself yet always, no matter how long of a time, I have always come back to applying myself.

So these are a few things to consider - Don't Give Up, Listen To Those That Have What You Want, and go to the Source of things - Listen straight from the horses mouth, Don't Accept Watered Down Versions of the Desteni Message, go to the official website.

Do not want others to explain to you what the F is Desteni, go directly to the website.

Do not want to know through others if Desteni works in changing yourself and you life, Do it for yourself or stop complaining - Or at most, listen to those whose Life works the way you want your Life to work - See, Facebook is a great place to see how others live and what others have and how they act, how they speak, where do they give likes to what posts, what do they comment, who they are to a degree.

It is time to quantify, speed up our processes, stop listening to those that have failed at What You Want to Do to put Excuses to not Do What You Can do to become the Best Version Of Yourself.

And I will put an example here, I met an individual that happens to be a Destonian that failed at a specific venture I was interested in taking. This individual said the Venture is not worth it, impossible, cannot do it.

Yet when I crossreferenced this information, it turns out that what happened is that this individual did NOT apply themselves to the Necessary Degree to become Successful at this Venture I wanted to take - and I almost gave up on this Venture because I thought  that if that Destonian could not do it, I would not be able to do it either. Not True. As I have said, first of all we are Individuals, with our own processes, fuckups and problems and some will not make it in some Ventures that are Very Difficult, even if they are Destonians. Not All Destonians Will Make it Either. Being a Desonian is not a Sure Fire way to realize yourself. Lets burn the Labels once and for all. We are individuals with individual Responsibility and it is up to EACH to realize themselves, to make it in this one Life.

So I would take it case by case, with anyone, is he worth listening to? What does he/she have in his/her life? Do I want it for my life or not? Then I start selecting Listening Only those that I have crossreferenced that are applying themselves effectively and even then I go to the source Where They Got The Information to be, become what they have become - so I will not tell them to tell Me how to do it, I will ask them - Who Did You Listen to To Become what you have become? And then I will do the same. It is time to stop the phone-game, you know, this game where you sit in a circle and tell a story to the ear of one sitting next to you, that then tells it to the next one and the next one. By the time the story reaches you from the other side of the circle it is NOTHING like the story you told the first person.

So you have to do the same I did if you like anything at all that I am sharing. I did the Desteni Lite Process and I am walking the Desteni I Process Pro. I listen to Desteni and Destonians - but always crossreference it all - specially when things, like what happened with that Venture and the Destonian, when things seem to not work - look for those that made it work, ask another Destonian for example when you see one Destonian talks shit about something that is cool for you/that you want for your life, such as the Venture I was going to take and am taking thanks to what I did, crossreferencing when in doubt. That's it.

Desteni Lite:
Desteni I Process Pro:

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Day 99: The Power Of Accumulation And Practical Points

Do not underestimate the power of accumulation, What I Can Do Daily accumulates. If I accumulate for a result that is Best For All eventually the result is Something that is Best For All.

Let's have a look at this blog. At the beggining it had 0 views, at the moment I am around a hundred views in some entries. This is some responsibility I have when sharing, there is someone that is reading and I will keep sharing, keep accumulating for a result that is Best.

When I apply myself it accumulates to a result that is best for me. When I share my experiences and insights I might be helping others to a degree that I Don't Really Know. The same happens the other way around, if I stop sharing Daily Blogs I don't know how many people I will stop supporting with my blogs and how that might affect them in Not Realizing things about themselves and ultimately Not Making It In This One Life Time.

By Not Making It In This One Life meaning that one is lost in their life of the mind, not questioning themselves, not changing themselves and thus not changing the world, thus being one less in the equality equation of 1 + 1 = 2

1 + 1 = 2 Means that, the accumulation of What Is Best For All as more and more individuals stop, and say 'Till Here No Further' 'I will Not Accept Anything Less than Who I Really Am' 'I will not accept anything less than the Best Version of myself'

We are dealing with powerful stuff here, may we realize it or not - thus the important of daily blogging, thus the importance of Daily Application.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to...

When and as I see myself... - I stop, I breathe.
I realize...
And thus, I commit myself to...

That is real power, self forgiveness and self corrective statements that you can use for yourself.

Here some examples:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take drugs.

When and as I see myself wanting to take drugs - I stop, I breathe.
I realize taking drugs is not supportive of myself or my mind.
And thus, I commit myself to redirect myself to do other practical things whenever I want to take drugs.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to watch porn.

When and as I see myself wanting to watch porn - I stop, I breathe.
I realize watching porn is not supportive of my sex life, myself or my life.
And thus, I commit myself to move myself to do something practical whenever I have the urge/want to watch porn.

And so you can set yourself free from addictions, for example, going into more detail with your self forgiveness and self corrective statements - then the practical application is not doing drugs and not using porn.

You can also do the 21 days to Self Freedom wich consists of stopping for 21 days any addiction you might have. If you relapse during the period of stopping, lets say you watch porn at day 2 of walking the 21 days to freedom from Porn - then You start at day 1 Again. Until You Make it. Until you complete the 21 days and then you continue not doing it, only that it will be more easier for you this time as you have set yourself free from that Addiction.


You can learn more of this and know more about your mind by taking the Free Online Course Desteni Lite Process  which will give you essential Life Skills:

Day 98: Be A Light That Shines Bright - Quotes That I Have Learned Or Created From My Learnings

Be a Light That Shines Bright - Live A Life that Reverberates into The Universe - Be and Become an Example for Many to Come - Do What is Best for All - Become a Beacon for Life

Become Like A Tree Where Others Can Rest Under Your Shade - Forgive Yourself - Show Through Example - Learn From Others - Listen To Your Inner Voice - Talk Directly - Be Self Honest - Live Principled - If You Deviate Form The Path -- Correct Yourself

Remember The Path Is Not Straight But That May Do Twists And Turns - Become Pliable So That You May Not Break - Live A Life Worth Living - Write Yourself To Freedom - Share Real Love

Love Yourself - Embrace Yourself - Educate The Generations to Come - Do Unto Others As You Would Like Done Unto You - Educate Yourself

Set Yourself Free - Give Purpose To Yourself And Your Life - Do Not Judge Lest You Be Judged

Work on Your Thoughts, Emotions And Feelings - Get Rid of Any and All Addictions - Get Rid of Self Abuse - Get Rid of The Old Self - Born Yourself in The Physical - Challenge Yourself

Show Others What You've Realized - Share Your Process - Walk Your Process In Self Awareness - Become Childlike Not Childish - Mature Without Becoming Rigid and Stiff - Work on Yourself - Invest in Yourself - Remember Self Comes First

Treat Others Equally - Realize and Remember We Are All Equal yet Different - Embrace Uniqueness - Be Original - Don't Try To Become Someone Else - Stay True to Yourself - Find Out Who You Really Are and Become The Best Version of Yourself

Do not Abuse - Do not Manipulate

Remember All Abuse is Self-Abuse - Remember All Manipulation is Self-Manipulation - Remember All Deception is Self Deception

Remember All Self Creation Has An Explanation And A Reason Why - Find Out Who You Have Become And Change Yourself

Don't Allow Yourself to Be Misguided - Do Not Misguide - Keep Quiet if You Don't Have Anything Better To Say - Observe Yourself And Your Surroundings - Be Careful What You Accept And Allow in Your Life - Be Careful What You Wish For

Lead by Example - Become A Leader - Empower Yourself - Find Ways To Support Yourself - Ask For Help When Needed

Stay Humble - Remember The Process - Remember How You Were Before Process In Order to Help Others

Embrace Yourself and Then Forgive The Worst in You

Remember We are In The Same Boat - Remember You Are Never Really Alone - Honour All Life

Help Others As You Have Been Helped

Share to Others As You Have Been Shared - Spread The Message As It Was Shown To You

Get Rid Of Your Ego In Every Breath - Get Rid Of Self-Beliefs - Forgive the Past

Stay True To Your Realizations - Become A Self-Master - Fake it Till You Make It

Do Not Give Up - Do Not Give In - Do Things Into Completion - Never Postpone - Never Procrastinate

Realize The Only Thing That Exists Is Every Moment of Breath Here

Don't Allow The Past to Create Your Future - Correct Yourself

Don't Fall for the Mind - Don't Fall For Desires - Don't Fall for Lazyness - Don't Fall For Addictions - Don't Fall For Love but Find Someone With Which Who You Are Becomes Stronger

Don't Let Sex Stay in The Way of Getting To Know Someone - You Need A Minimum Of Three Months to Start to Get To Know Someone

With Relationships -- Accept Friendship Where It Is Worth It And a Relationship Is Not The Best Option

Don't Settle for Anything Less Than A Supportive Relationship Where Both Of You Become Stronger Together -- Even More So Than Alone

Learn From Mistakes

Don't Use Porn If Not Needed - Realize You Don't Really Need Porn

Build an Effective Agreement With Your Partner

Remember Mind-Altering Substances Can Fuck Up With You - Drugs Are Not A Joke

Remember It Is A Process - Take Things One Day At A Time - Take Things One Breath at a Time

Trick Yourself When Needed To Act In Ways That Are Best For You And For All 'I Will Only Write One Line of the Blog - And then write Many' 'I will Only Study For Half An Hour, and then Study More'

Don't Be Late For Things - Live Self Discipline - Sleep 6 Hours A Day - Find Out What Works For You

Know Yourself

Make Sure You Live Principled Even When You Have More Money

Remember Those That Starve Until There Are No More

Do Not Trust Anyone By Default - Trust Yourself - Be Careful Who You Talk To - Human Beings Are Not Generally Trustable - Trust Those That Have Shown For Real That Are Trustable Over A Period of Time

Be The Same Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow - If You Are Not The Same Yesterday Today And Tomorrow Realize you have a Problem

End Your Problems and Start Living - Live Fully - Risk Everything - Don't Think About What Others Will Say

If You React To Something I say - It is Always About You -- Not About Me

Check Why You React to Things -- What Is It Telling About You

Use Common Sense

Die Well


Saturday, October 20, 2018

Day 97: Got Some Guts?

It takes some guts to want to change the world, but it takes maybe more guts to change self. This is what I am here for, to change myself and to change the world.

Who else is with me? I know a bunch of people that are, they call themselves Destonians. 

I have never meet people with more integrity, self-respect and common sense than Destonians, and it is not because they are special but because they apply themselves with the tools provided by Desteni to change themselves towards the best version of themselves.

This is what We are doing. This is not magic. This is grinding.  This is True Grit. By the way, a cool movie to watch.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not apply myself consistently whenever I can.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to make time to apply myself with the tools available.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe I can't apply myself more.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe I am my own limitations with regards to what I believe I can and what I can't do.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not apply the tools whenever needed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see I am the cause of my own limitations.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see that I can be and become much more that what I am currently/who I am currently.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to do the things that I know are prioritary first.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear change.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I can change the world alone - when indeed groups are needed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe I can change myself alone, without seeing realizing or understanding that I might need crosreference/assistence with that due to the complexity of the problem.

When and as I see myself not applying myself consistently in my process - I stop, I breathe.
I realize I am here to support myself, no one else can do that for me.
And thus, I commit myself to assist and support myself to the utmost degree.

When and as I see myself not making time to apply the tools - I stop, I breathe.
I realize if I can make time for other things I can make time for this too. 
And thus, I commit myself to make time to apply the tools.

When and as I see myself not applying myself to support myself - I stop, I breathe.
I realize I have to honour myself by supporting myself.
And thus, I commit myself to support myself always in All Ways.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Day 96: Activation

We are like a computer, when will we activate and unlock our fullest potential? Is that even possible? Some might argue that it is not possible, but that is because they don't have the tools to do so nor know how to.
At Desteni they have investigated and researched this and developed tools to unlock this potential, it is through applying the tools that one might become their fullest potential. And it is this exactly what I am sharing with you through this blog, my journey from conciousness to awareness, from the mind to the physical.

Don't take my word for it, you can test it for yourself for free with the Desteni Lite Process online course, that is walked with a buddy that will support you throughout so that you may understand and integrate the material well.

What are you going to lose? Maybe your perceptions about yourself? Your limitations? Nothing that you are able to lose is who you really are, so don't worry too much about it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe I am my own limitations and self-beliefs.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to research ways that are available for self support.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to neglect myself by not introspecting and looking into my issues and problems.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not be open to the possibilities of what is available in terms of support for self.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that I can be and become so much more than I am currently.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see and look at what are my own limitations.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see that I am indeed conditioned by my own mind, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am my thoughts, feelings and emotions - taking this as an accepted truth without critical thinking.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I have to do what I think.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see that I am not my thoughts.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see that I am not my emotions.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see that I am not my feelings.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be deluded and misguided by my own thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am fine 'just the way I am'.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am fucked beyond any possible recuperation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that I can direct and stop my own thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear that if I stop thinking I will become a robot.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that feelings and emotions can be expressed as self-expression and not as energy - so that I will not become a robot yet will be free from the mind and energy.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see that there is help available for those that dare to question everything.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I can 'solve myself' by myself alone, without seeing, realizing and understanding that the size of the problem self faces is so great that one will need external help for crossreference when walking through the mind into the physical.

When and as I see myself that I believe I am my own limitations and self-beliefs - I stop, I breathe.
I realize I am so much more than my own limitations.
And thus, I commit myself to work on and through my own limitations with the tools available so that I may reach my fullest potential.

When and as I see myself that I believe I am my own toughts, feeling and emotions - I stop, I breathe.
I realize in self honesty that I don't know where they come from.
And thus, I commit myself to not trust by default the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come up inside of myself but question them at all times.

When and as I see myself believing I am fine just the way I am - I stop, I breathe.
I realize I have patterns that are repeated in my life that are not best for me for example.
And thus, I commit myself to practice self-honesty and see where it is that I am not the best version of myself to change it.

When and as I see myself believing I can sort myself out alone - I stop, I breathe.
I realize that the mind is so complex one can become lost alone facing it.
And thus, I commit myself to accept the help that is available to sort myself out into self realization/self awareness.

DIP Lite:

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Day 95: The Riddle

Me at the Farm with the dogs. Photo by Leila Zamora

Riddle: A question or statement intentionally phrased so as to require ingenuity in ascertaining its answer or meaning.

What will it take for you to hear me? What will it take for the world to listen to what Desteni has to say? On a personal level, it takes Courage to listen to the MessAge because it is not a nice one. Basically we are all fucked, our minds are complex and it took me about 10 years to really start applying myself in the Desteni Lite and the Desteni Pro courses - which I am in through a sponsorship, thank you Desteni -, which are tools for self change. This is why I don'r expect anyone or everyone to do it.

But hear this, eventhough for ten years since I knew of the Desteni Process I did not apply myself effectively at it, I was all the while walking the process. We are all walking this process from conciousness to awareness, even if we are not aware of it, and through my experiences in life I have come to see that: Walking My Process in self-direction, directing myself to apply the tools effectively is the best route, more easy, more fast to direct my life and change myself effectively.

But yes, all these years that I have been on and off listening to the Desteni Message, applying myself here and there but not really walking the process for real  - all this time has not been in vain - it was not necessary 'to waste' all this years but now that I am in the position where I understand that I have to do it - if all those years have served me to work on myself now, then it has been worth it.

I knew of Desteni back in 2008-2009, by then it was different, there was the channel in Youtube where all was available for free, now there is EQAFE the online store which is very cool. Someone external fucked around and the channel at Youtube was closed by Youtube - who was behind it I don't know but the channel, which had many subscribers was shut down, yet this was not a problem because the store opened and now is a way to support the message.

I was able to visit the Desteni Farm for a week before the passing of Bernad Poolman, and I can say the place is 'normal' defining normal as a place where things are taken care of such as the animals, the land, the plants and the only extraordinary is the fact that the recordings from the Portal are being done there - and also that there are no bad/ill/toxic relationships between the members, which is quite difficult to achieve in a community where many people live together, and it is because all are walking the same process I am telling of here.

So I as an 'international observer' because I don't live in South Africa - I can say that all things taking place in the farm are cool, normal and ordinary as in what happens in a community where self-responsible human beings live.

I had a great time there, but because I was not used to communicate with other human beings on a deep level - because I had not yet connected with myself on that level - I connected a lot with the dogs there, they are great. There is a pool there and we played a lot by the pool and throwing stuff to the pool so that the Labradors could retrieve the toys from the pool.

Back to the Riddle, it will take some guts to be able to hear the Riddle, the Desteni message, which is straghtfoward and direct - yet uses some vocabulary that people might not be used to because there are things such as self-honesty, self-forgiveness, equality, oneness, that are not widely used and readily available in our mundane lifes, not taught at school, not taught at home, and it shouldn't be like this.

Desteni is a solution to self. And is the only tool that I have seen and proven to myself that works, and I have proof of it every day in my interactions with myself and others, where it has helped me to overcome addictions and understand life patterns of why do I do certain things, how I interact with the world, with the education system for example, where I failed many times in my life and came to an understanding as to why this was so - through a Fear of Failure Character that I will explain in another blog in coming blogs.

If you are able to hear what I am saying, what Desteni are saying know this: You are in a rare position, not usual because many like in the matrix movie are not yet ready to take the Red Pill - and remember this: If you can hear the Desteni Message, act fast - don't wait! Because the window of opportunity may close as the mind will give all and any excuse to not change so you might lose on opportunities for yourself and your life of CHANGE - real change. Don't do like me that took so many years to start walking for real, because I have missed out on my potential all these years - in retrospective I should have walked the Desteni I Process effectively back in 2010 or so, when I first started it and not given up and given in - only for years later, only years later to take it again.

Again, if you can hear me, don't wait, don't take years to come back because you will realise through experience - such as pain and suffering that I have endured in many ways such as my bipolar condition that was nonexistent back in 2010 - and I am not saying that becoming bipolar is a consequence of not walking the process effectively, but that the process might have been an effective tool to understand it better when it first came up, through knowing myself and my mind more as it is what happens when you walk the Desteni I Process -

So you will see  that walking this process is a very effective way to direct self to knowing self, to direct self to change, to direct self to become more, to stop the limitations, so stop self-abuse, self-limitations that prevent self to change and become more and walk towards the best version or ourselves.

Check out the Desteni Lite Process:
Check out the Desteni I Process:
Check out Desteni:
Check out EQAFE online Store:

From 'At Desteni we thoroughly research and investigate the essence of what it means to live responsibly and fully. This research is done through the participation of everyone that is interested and dares to take on the journey of self-discovery. We share our findings through video, audio and text through various internet media. This website gathers all the relevant information and links you'll want to explore if you're interested in learning about Desteni.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Day 94: All or Nothing

Do you want to Have it All or Nothing? Because this is what we are dealing with here, not half-assed shit -  and yes I can say shit because this world is in a very very Big Shit: Starvation, Poverty, Rape, Violence Everything that exists is collapsing and unless we do something, unless we stand up for change and say no more --

Speak Up, say what you like and don't like about the world and then let's work together to change it!

The yard is full of rubbish? Let's clean it.

The world is full of rubbish? Let's recycle it.

We have the thechnology. We have the manpower. We have everything we need.

Money: We print it. We do it all ourselves, we are doing this to ourselves! It's time to stop hating ourselves because as it is seen from the exterior it looks like we are hating eachother, ourselves and the world.

Let's stop the hate.

Those that don't want to change the world are saying that they want YOU to perish with THEM so fuck them.

Yes I can say fuck too, because this place is fucked and unless we use some real language we won't find some real fucking solutions.

Not solutions for the demented sex minds, that is also something that will be provided, and you can start already now with the Desteni Lite Process if you have a sex-crazed mind, it might help you if you are not too fucked to the point of no return.

Then you can start with blogging sharing your process of change to prove that you can be real trustable human being. This will take a minimum of 7 years of daily blogging.

And Stop Fucking Around

All or Nothing this is what we are here for, either we create a world that is Best for All or we perish in insufferable pain. All Or Nothing.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Day 93: I Am Here For A Moment

I am here for a moment. And in this moment I want to do my best so that the world is changed when I am gone. I am here for a moment, during my life I want to make anything all and everything for world change:

No More Starvation.

No More Humiliation.

No More Rape.

No More Genocide

No More Abuse

No More

So, we have to Agree that we Agree. It is very simple, do What is Best For All Always in All Ways. If it means writting blogs so that people starts Hearing the MessAge then it's fine, I will write over 2.555 blogs, that is 7 years of daily blogging, I can do that for world change. I can Change Myself and I can Change the world with me.

It is All in the Relationships that we Form  - Are those Relationships of Support or are they a form of Abuse? We have to and must end with all Abuse and start Relationships of Support of One Another, Everyone Helps One, First Help Yourself then Help The World.

Investigate, my flame has been started by myself with the tools as proposed here, for free:


Friday, October 12, 2018

Day 92: The Fuse

We all are the fuse that change the world. We all can change the world.If we individually say we cannot change the world then we will not be able to do it. But if More and More People starts saying I Am The Fuse For Change, let's ignite it for World Change.

It means not accepting your neighbour going to bed in hunger.

It means not accepting pollution all over the world.

It means not accepting and allowing the Eco-No-Me as it exists now but one that distributes resources equally to all.

It means

Let the rain fall down over all LIFE!

And then let's start constructing a better life for all.

Yes, if you have flowers you have to water them equally, don't you? The same with money and the world, it has to be distributed evenly there is no secret in it, them at the Equal Life Foundation they have done the math and have come up with fair system to put in place.

I don't know if it is only me but I feel like the fuse, that is ready to ignite for world change, we are all indeed the fuse that will ignite for world change. We will stand up and we will rise.

What happened? Some door opened? It has always been in Us the decision to change! Collectively we decide but it is one by one that creates the collective.  So if I myself decide I am going to change the world, then there is one more, and one plus one plus one we can change the world.

Why I say we are the Fuse for Change? Because we will one day die, but the consequences of our passsing through this life will remain here, so we are like the Fuse we will Burn and Dissipate but as the burning FUSE something was transmitted along which is World Change into Equality.

Don't you get it?

It is very simple, we will all die, and the day I die I want to be remembered for what I did to change the world, not for what I did to perpetuate the shit that exists. And if I die and I am not remembered yet the world is changed then I die in peace.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Day 91: Perceptions About Other People

How much perceptions about other people blind us. For example with your boss you have to be a certain way, with your mother a certain way because apparently you have to behave differently with every person that you meet. This is not true. In my case I have had the opportunity to have people that wanted to help me out but I didn't take their hand because we had a work relationship for example I am the employee and he is the 'boss' so I can't talk straight to the person apparently - not true - real communication starts when one is honest with oneself and gets rid of all judgement to the other person because of his/her position and talks to the being straight, considering consequence of course but allowing oneself to be real when the other person is there for you.

It may make not much sense for you as I am being too vague. It is because I don't want to name people here. But let's say you have a cool 'boss' at work but you don't allow yourself to share what is going on with your life, the individual has helped you before with giving you a job and showing signs that he/she has common sense and is supportive of you - the best thing to do is to when things don't go well, share them to find solutions together where the individual can lend a hand.

Because before I had used other people to know other people, asked what do you think of this person to someone else, would you trust this person? Instead of asking these questions to myself! Of course if I get the answers from someone else I am trusting on his/her view and it may be biased!

So this post is to remind me and you dear reader that you can't know a person through someone else, you either do it yourself or it is not possible, and even then I have to remove all judgement of position, status and merely look at the facts, at all our interactions and how the other person has interacted with me to know what is the deal with that person.

Alright have a nice day!

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge people for their position in relation to me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself form x for his position.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to talk straght to x because I trusted others opinions about him.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give value to others opinions and judgements about someone else.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not assess for myself who I am going to trust and who not, relying on others for advice.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to limit myself by accepting others judgements about other people as true.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live with judgements towards other people.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take others judgements about a person as true without doing my own research.

When and as I see myself wanting to know someone through someone else - I stop, I breathe.
I realize I can only know someone through myself if I give myself the opportunity to open up to him/her when I have decided I can trust him/her.
And thus, I commit myself to decide for myself based on all the information that I have to open up to someone else or not, not decided by an other's opinion/judgement of that person  - as it might be biased from the true nature of the being - and I might never get to know him/her if I listen to such judgements.

When and as I see myself having judgements about other people - I stop, I breathe.

I realize judgements blind me from seeing the person for real.
And thus, I commit myself to get rid of all judgement, from myself and from others about any individual.

When and as I see myself looking for 'advice' on other people - I stop, I breathe.
I realize I can ask what one thinks of some individual but have to always take it with a pinch of salt and always assess it for myself too.
And thus, I commit myself to assess for myself who I am going to trust, me having the final decision not someone elses opinion about the individual I am considering trusting.

When and as I see myself wanting others to tell me how an individual is - I stop, I breathe.
I realize people will most of the time tell their view that might be biased.
And thus, I commit myself to consider all things when deciding to trust someone yet not base my final decision to trust an individual by listening to others judgements about that person - but that it is me who decides who I trust.

When and as I see myself fearing to trust someone - I stop, I breathe.
I realize that I have enough experience to know when I have proof that someone is supportive of me or not.
And thus, I commit myself to trust myself when I decide to trust someone, based on real space-time events that have happened as evidence that I can trust this being - or not.

When and as I see myself  holding myself back from real communication with a being - I stop, I breathe.
I realize that somewhere I might be judging myself or the being or both.
And thus, I commit myself to check all judgements I might have of me, him/her and our relationship to make sure I am clear and can communicate effectively, without judgement.

When and as I see myself asking someone if I can trust this or that being - I stop, I breathe.
I realize what others decide to do with their life in terms of trusting someone is their decision and that I can take my own decisions.
And thus, I commit myself to take my own decisions in relation to who I decide to trust and who not, not taking others decisions as my own but make my own.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Day 90: Life Lessons

.. So choose carefully

Lately Life has given me some hard lessons, nothing that I cannot handle yet hard stuff. Thus why I have not written here much, yet I expect to write here more regularly now.

Sometimes we need experiences to learn and this is what has been happening to me lately, some nice lessons I have learned, such as:

Don't Trust strangers: If you don't know someone, you don't have to trust them - trust is gained not given as my mother told me.

Don't carry more money than you are ready to lose: If you are carrying more money than you can afford losing, better put it in the bank or somewhere safe As Soon As Possible, even if it is inconvenient, first put the money somewhere safe and then continue with your day  - or night - .

Don't let strangers know about your  life, where you live and your schedules: You don't know who is a thief and I learned this the hard way - not much has been lost but enough to know better.

Don't trust someone because they tell you about his/her life and problems: People can show one face and have many hidden - as I said before trust is gained not given to just anyone.

Don't take drugs: Mind altering substances can alter you past the point you desire/had thought. Drugs taken to have fun can end in not so much fun after all, such as psychosis/mania, more so with bipolars.

Don't repeat the same mistakes: If you see you've made a mistake, forget about anyone or anything else, it is prioritary to not repeat it again, even if it looks like you are losing. For exampe, you give money to someone and they don't give it back. Don't give any more money in fear that they won't return the initial amount, it doesn't work like that  - if they don't return the money give no more money. Ideally never give money, see next point:

Don't give money to strangers: It doesn't matter the situation, if a stranger asks for money - not even for gas - if they want gas pay it at the pump so you make sure it goes for gas - don't give cash - if he or she needs a sandwitch to eat then it's cool to buy it for them but if you put money into the equation all sorts of problems may arise such as the person wanting more or wanting to know more about you to rob you later - true story.

Don't Trust first impressions: Con artists and thiefs exist, they show a pretty trustable face to the world in order to decieve people they think are weak in order to get money mostly - don't let seemingly good people know about you, where you live and what money you have as they might be the thief/con artists that cleans/gets all that you might have -  Remember the don't trust Strangers point, strangers can seem very cool people too, they might show interest in your problems and your life but it is all to exploit you/get your money, either by asking for it and/or taking it - thiefs are more common than you think and there will be more and more as the money system collapses.

Don't try to get friends by giving/lending them money: If you give money to someone expecting to get a new friend, you will lose the money and lose the potential friend - true story.

Friends are not bought and sold - but appreciate eachother for what/who they are.

So far the lessons for today.