Friday, October 12, 2018

Day 92: The Fuse

We all are the fuse that change the world. We all can change the world.If we individually say we cannot change the world then we will not be able to do it. But if More and More People starts saying I Am The Fuse For Change, let's ignite it for World Change.

It means not accepting your neighbour going to bed in hunger.

It means not accepting pollution all over the world.

It means not accepting and allowing the Eco-No-Me as it exists now but one that distributes resources equally to all.

It means

Let the rain fall down over all LIFE!

And then let's start constructing a better life for all.

Yes, if you have flowers you have to water them equally, don't you? The same with money and the world, it has to be distributed evenly there is no secret in it, them at the Equal Life Foundation they have done the math and have come up with fair system to put in place.

I don't know if it is only me but I feel like the fuse, that is ready to ignite for world change, we are all indeed the fuse that will ignite for world change. We will stand up and we will rise.

What happened? Some door opened? It has always been in Us the decision to change! Collectively we decide but it is one by one that creates the collective.  So if I myself decide I am going to change the world, then there is one more, and one plus one plus one we can change the world.

Why I say we are the Fuse for Change? Because we will one day die, but the consequences of our passsing through this life will remain here, so we are like the Fuse we will Burn and Dissipate but as the burning FUSE something was transmitted along which is World Change into Equality.

Don't you get it?

It is very simple, we will all die, and the day I die I want to be remembered for what I did to change the world, not for what I did to perpetuate the shit that exists. And if I die and I am not remembered yet the world is changed then I die in peace.

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