Monday, October 8, 2018

Day 90: Life Lessons

.. So choose carefully

Lately Life has given me some hard lessons, nothing that I cannot handle yet hard stuff. Thus why I have not written here much, yet I expect to write here more regularly now.

Sometimes we need experiences to learn and this is what has been happening to me lately, some nice lessons I have learned, such as:

Don't Trust strangers: If you don't know someone, you don't have to trust them - trust is gained not given as my mother told me.

Don't carry more money than you are ready to lose: If you are carrying more money than you can afford losing, better put it in the bank or somewhere safe As Soon As Possible, even if it is inconvenient, first put the money somewhere safe and then continue with your day  - or night - .

Don't let strangers know about your  life, where you live and your schedules: You don't know who is a thief and I learned this the hard way - not much has been lost but enough to know better.

Don't trust someone because they tell you about his/her life and problems: People can show one face and have many hidden - as I said before trust is gained not given to just anyone.

Don't take drugs: Mind altering substances can alter you past the point you desire/had thought. Drugs taken to have fun can end in not so much fun after all, such as psychosis/mania, more so with bipolars.

Don't repeat the same mistakes: If you see you've made a mistake, forget about anyone or anything else, it is prioritary to not repeat it again, even if it looks like you are losing. For exampe, you give money to someone and they don't give it back. Don't give any more money in fear that they won't return the initial amount, it doesn't work like that  - if they don't return the money give no more money. Ideally never give money, see next point:

Don't give money to strangers: It doesn't matter the situation, if a stranger asks for money - not even for gas - if they want gas pay it at the pump so you make sure it goes for gas - don't give cash - if he or she needs a sandwitch to eat then it's cool to buy it for them but if you put money into the equation all sorts of problems may arise such as the person wanting more or wanting to know more about you to rob you later - true story.

Don't Trust first impressions: Con artists and thiefs exist, they show a pretty trustable face to the world in order to decieve people they think are weak in order to get money mostly - don't let seemingly good people know about you, where you live and what money you have as they might be the thief/con artists that cleans/gets all that you might have -  Remember the don't trust Strangers point, strangers can seem very cool people too, they might show interest in your problems and your life but it is all to exploit you/get your money, either by asking for it and/or taking it - thiefs are more common than you think and there will be more and more as the money system collapses.

Don't try to get friends by giving/lending them money: If you give money to someone expecting to get a new friend, you will lose the money and lose the potential friend - true story.

Friends are not bought and sold - but appreciate eachother for what/who they are.

So far the lessons for today.


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