Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Day 44: DIP Lite

I have been 'out' for a while, but I will now post more regularly. 

I want to talk about a course I have been doing, the the Desteni I Process Lite.

The DIP Lite is a 'free online course where you'll learn essential Life Skills', for me it has been paramount in helping me help myself during tough times, when facing addictions for example and changing things about myself I didn't like.

During the course there is a buddy that reviews the assignments you send and if necessary gives feedback as to how to do it best, so you can makc sure you have understood the material, and yes, as I said it is free.

After the DIP Lite one can move on to DIP Pro to further expand what is learned in DIP Lite.

During the course of doing DIP Lite I have been able to get rid of more than one addiction as well as being able to get rid of many fears, so I can say now that I am happier with my life as now I have tools to change myself if anything comes up in my life that I want to change.

I recommend this course to anyone that has things they don't like about themselves or faces challenges for example at work or fears or addictions, all of that can be faced with the help of the tools that offer the DIP Lite.

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