Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Day 82: Dying or Not Dying

It's been about 10 days since I wrote here, during this time I have had to rethink how I want to live and make decisions to change my life, here on I will post more regularly.

Today I want to talk about a dream I had the other night, I was dreaming and suddenly I realized 'Oh, I am dreaming' I was fully aware that I was dreaming, that I was in a dream, and I said to myself 'I have to not abuse' meaning I don't want to murder anyone or do anything nasty in my dream, like I had a principle in my dream. Then I had fun, I was able to fly, to run around, I met people that I know in my dream, of course later on in the day when I met them they did not remember that I met them in the dream because people do not communicate with eachother in dreams, I was able to say to a co-worker that I found in my dream 'If tomorrow you remember what I said to you let me know' but later on in the day when I wake up she did not remember of course.

So I was in my dream and in my physical body I wanted to fart, and I woke up. I was now in this reality, physical reality and had removed myself from the dream.

What I want to tell you with this story is that Life is like a dream, we can communicate with others in this dream that is Life and then we cross over, like with a fart, and we may remember things from our Life. But we have to remember, we are here, we don't have to abuse. I'd say we have to live by a very simple principle that is 'doing what is Best for All' then we will have an experience in this world that is worth while. Because when we die, we don't die, it's like waking up from a dream, a very cool dream where we can fly with planes, experience pain and pleasure be good or bad -- I'd say let's all be good with eachother, let's all play within the context and the principle of that which is Best For All.

I realized this, I am in a place from where I will wake up and be myself still, but I know I will not be able to come back to this reality once I am out of it, once I am farted out of this reality that is it, and this reality will last, and I want to leave behind a reality that is best for All, for the children to come, for me, for everyone.

This is a big opportunity that we all have, we have somehow engineered a collective dream that is reality, where we can suffer or play, let's all play, let's all have fun, let's all live life within the principle of that which is Best For All. I don't care who you have been until now, a coward, someone with courage, a thief, a respectable banker, a sportsman, a creep - all can now decide to and have the opportunity to walk within the principle of that which is Best for All.

All that it takes is some self correction, some self forgiveness to let go of all that we have participated that we are not proud. Osho says, there may be mistakes, things that we did that we are not proud of, but the self is never wrong, self is always right.

Everyone has the chance to wake up in this life, and realize, as Bernard Poolman said, this is your last life, don't mess up with it, don't fuck around for too long because then you will be farted out of this reality and abusers will not be able to participate in further games in this existence. Realize that this life is not a game once children die each day, we have to correct that.

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