Saturday, April 21, 2018

Day 84: Avicii

Last Friday died Avicii, a Swedish DJ I liked. Too much party, too much drinking his body couldn't support him anymore.

Why do we accept so much the culture of drinking, alcohol is very destructive for the body. So here we have one of the best DJs of the world and we supply him with alcohol until he dies - he had said he was shy and used alcohol to supply that aspect - so instead of helping him with his shyness we supply him with something that ultimately has lead to his death. No one helped him with his problems to a satisfactory degree, it was too late for him, it is too late. He leaves behind a great legacy of music nonetheless but he could have done so much more, he was so young, 28.

So here, what we accept and allow in others, in the talents that come to Earth, to finish this way? It is sad to say the least - we should support those that drink too much helping them with the issues that they have on a mind level so that they can let go of their addiction, and not think that because someone is a DJ can live the rockstar life, because the rock star life is no longer viable, consequence catches up fast with the body and then there is death.

So to all the talent in this world, we should not ignore celebrities if they are struggling with addictions and think that it comes together with being a celebrity, there should be more widespread information about how the mind works, how to stop addictions, how to overcome shyness for example, so we don't lose anyone, celebrities or not.

What I am referring to is solutions like the Desteni I Process Pro and Desteni I Process Lite, that have so much helped me stop my own addictions, the Desteni I Process Lite is a free online course that gives you essential life skills = skills with which one will not get lost in alcohol addiction for example, and be able to get out of it if one is addicted. They are comprehensive solutions for ones life, the same we should have been able to offer Avicii, Tim Bergling to help him out before it was too late.

Safe travels Tim, and thank you for your expression in music.

Desteni I Process Lite:

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