Thursday, January 31, 2019

Day 118: Consistency Is Key

I have noticed a steady amount of views in this blog, which is really cool! Now I have to give back by honouring those people - you - that read what I post - and I realize at the same time I am honouring myself - as equals.

I could go a day without writing but really - if I have the time - let's do a new entry and in this way support myself and possibly support others in the process.

The river flows - I can see a river from where I am writing - if I keep publishing we may end up somewhere cool. Like the rivers end at sea - if enough water is fed.

Today I would like to talk about consistency and what it means - consistency in breathing keeps me alive, consistency in eating do keep me alive as well. Everything worthwhile needs consistency. The heart beats consistently in every moment.

What is in the way of consistency for example in blogging? Mostly excuses. Excuses are the enemy of consistency. Excuses as to why I should not write today for example - any and all excuses I have put in the past, I have come to realize = Where not valid, as I have always come back to writing. So writing daily is the goal and anything I can put as an excuse is not valid.

One day I might not really have the space-time to write, but that might be one day in many many days that I really don't have the time. And for those days - I could have a blog entry saved because at days I have more than one blog that I can write so I can save up one blog for a day where I am really busy - so in this way the blog keeps updated to one entry a day.

Keep it practical - if I can write a blog I will write one - if I can't, well it is up to me to have some other saved for those occasions - and if I have nothing then I write the next day, it is not that big of a deal.

Consistent means that it is sustained over time, and I don't have to look at the future and see how much I have to write, but simply realize I have a day in front of me where I can find an allocation of time to write, only one entry, for only this day - this way I don't see it as a big task but simply one simple task that I have to accomplish in one day.

And let go of the past, if one day I have not written, not let it influence the next day, but take every day as a new day, fresh, where I don't look at the past or at the future but simply apply myself to the best of my ability to accomplish the goals that I have set for myself, that I choose to write because it supports myself and in the process might support others - which I think is magnificent and a responsibility as well.

Responsibility because all that I write is in a way what I will live so I have to choose my words carefully so that what I say is best for me and for all.

Sometimes the question of - will this blog be good enough? In relation to other blogs that I did that got a substantial amount of views - sometimes this question arise. But then I see it is not to publish for the views but share something relevant that I am dealing with or that I have realized.

I have to be consistent thus in who I am, not only consistent in writing - meaning not to change how I write because I get many views - but consistent in being true to who I really am and not try and be something different to get more views somehow.

It is like small stage-fright at moments when I see the amount of views I got and know that the next entry will get a similar amount of views. Yet I shall fear not as I should always write as if the whole existence is looking at me in a way - because always All is Known. Meaning I cannot hide and do as if my blogs are irrelevant, they are relevant for all that read them, I am responsible for how my blogs affect real people and even one person is most relevant, the same as if the whole of humanity is reading the post.


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