Thursday, April 8, 2021

Day 190: How To Slow Down

If you can read through this maybe it is not for you, if you think you can't, this is for you.

Two things have allowed me to slow down the last few days: Starting to Read the Desteni Articles from the beggining which resulted in/led to = wanting to Understand things and people. 

You see, from reading the articles by Desteni you gain so much insight in how reality works/is changing that then you want to naturally be aware of everything going on around you, here is more:

First came the decision of 'till here no further', where I saw I needed to go and really start from the begining reading the articles by Desteni from the beggining, which I had never done, only ever reading articles here and there, big mistake as there is a saying of 'Read the damn material' - 

From there a newfound curiosity arose, of really appreciating things by Looking into them - Because I found so much cool things in the Articles by Desteni that now I am looking at reality with eyes wide open!

So for instance Before = I would scroll through facebook like a zombie, barely reading and skipping things so fast, taking them for granted As If I already knew with reading a few words what was it all about -- whereas now that I take my time wich each post really wanting to Understand where the being that posted that comes from --hell, even the adverts on Youtube Music that used to annoy me I really hear, hear the voice of the person doing the pitch and what the advert is conveying - if it is a long advert I can skip it as well, I don't have to hear Everything, this is more for the unavoidable ones.

From this, I realized that I thought I had patience but I did not. Because I could not sit and read an article, I could not sit and read a blog, maybe if I was really interested yes - but it is difficult to find gems without really digging the soil/reading through Blogs and Articles, because gifts are for the deserving lol, those that read through. I hope you found a little gem, if not let me try my best in the final sentences. 'If you are not informed you are not in form/you are not in shape and you are weak.' And you can really inform yourself by slowing down and Reading the Damn Material - or is it the other way around? lol - on Articles, there is a spreadsheet too keep track of what you have read and to find the articles in order or by author. Enjoy.

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