Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Day 116: Songs With Meaning

I had the honour to be involved with Desteni before Bernard Poolman passed away and he was very active on social media, doing blogs, giving likes, sharing on Facebook, doing recordings and spreading the message.

Here are two songs that he shared on Facebook (1) or gave a like to (2) both have messages in them. Have a listen!

1) - Demons by Imagine Dragons. This one he shared on Facebook. I still listen to the song every once in a while and it reminds me that I have to work on myself.

This songs talks about demons, I would relate it to when we allow ourselves to get 'possessed' by the mind and act in ways that are abusive. In the song the guy warns that he has these Demons in him - so watch out for your own demons!

2) - You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring. This one I shared on Facebook because I found it cool and he gave a 'like' to it - original videoclip he liked Here

You have to watch the original videoclip to get the whole message. In the videoclip you can see how a supernatural force gives a gift to someone that has nothing and is struggling, but he abuses her gift for his own gain - thus the gift is removed from him along with his life, as he is returned to dust. Draw your own conclusions!

Bonus song! When I was leaving the Farm after my short one-week visit, Bernard took me to the airport and this song was playing on the radio, he simply said 'what the fuck'  - lol

Do you know any other songs he liked or reacted to? Do let me know please!

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