Monday, January 28, 2019

Day 115: What Can Happen in 10 Years Time

Tonight I had a dream. I could time-travel and communicate between now and 10 years prior so about when I got to know about Desteni in 2007.  And I saw I have much to say about how time passes but I have to do something with Time - otherwise things do not move.

I have seen than on a personal level not much has changed, I could have changed more in the 10 years since I got to know of Desteni. So now I draw a parallel with 2030 - what would I say to myself now so that in 2030 I don't find myself where I am at now, where 10 years have passed since I got to know of Desteni but I see I could have changed so much more?

First of all, I would tell myself, in preparation for 2030, that I have to apply myself daily - where every day I work on myself towards self-change.

And I would tell everyone that only because time passes - things don't change. We have to be the change.

Now I understand more why there is a tendency to have depression at 30, 40, 50 years of age, because we see we could have done so much more and at times we see that not much has changed - at least that is my experience, in 10 years not much has changed on a personal level - but that is because of my own doing, because of ineffective application.

What is effective application then? That would be applying the tools of Desteni on a daily basis, working on points, transcending points, building on something in my life so that when time passes, so that I accumulate along with it.

So every day I accumulate a little bit for a bigger outcome. In doing Blogs, Vlogs, DIP, and practical application.

In my dream I also dreamt that I was playing with an excavator and as I was playing I provoked an avalanche that buried an hospital.

This I see this is talking about consequence - where time passes where I entertain myself with irrelevant stuff but really what I am doing creates a consequence, in the dream is in form of deaths.

But here on Earth deaths do happen daily because of lack of basic necessities being met, famine, starvation, wars, disease and so on - these are all things we have to solve together.

So in the dream I had resistance about warning people about what was coming, because I had 'blood in my hands'.

Yes, we all had 'blood in our hands' so long as we do not address the problems here on Earth - namely uplifting the lives of all that live in poverty for example.

So instead of living in regret and inaction I choose to apply myself, make myself count towards an outcome that is best for all, and that starts with self first.

So that in 2030 I don't live in regret but am satisfied with my own application.

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