Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Day 117: What Do You Live For

'so... what do you live for? Why do you get up in the mornings?'
Take a moment to see what comes up.
When I was asked this question by my DIP Buddy - I came up with the word 'work'. But upon reflection, I saw that I have not been waking up merely for work, this last month I have been waking up earlier to write a blog - and also to walk Laika the dog.

Then the following feedback was given:
'Blogs = self
Dog = unconditionality and expression/self-expression
To be more specific: Blogs = de-programing yourself as a process to birth yourself into and as life in the physical
So, you are doing and living for more than you give yourself credit for
So, when you walk Laika, really BE PRESENT with her, bond with her, get to know her
Live purpose into these 'small' things you do, because these things are not so small afterall'

Yes, blogging is an universe in itself and walking the dog, lol yes it is an adventure and it tells me much about me - for example if I become angry because of how she behaves -- it also tells me about parenting - the other day I did a suddent movement to see how Laika would react and she was scared by it, so I learned not to try and 'scare' her with sudden movements because she really gets scared - the same with children - we are like giants for them so don't have to do sudden scary movements to watch their reaction as they will most likely react in fear, not cool. 

So I will live purpose in the things that I do because Yes, they are not so small after all.

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