Sunday, February 25, 2018

Day 65: How Can I Cheer You Up?

Lately I have not allowed myself to let anything interfere with my daily blogging.
Lately I have been noticing how it is easier for me to express myself thorugh writting, and I want to express myelf more - So I have written daily blogs and more on Steemit. 

I have been seeing that I can accomplish things, trust myself more. I passed the driving test with 0 mistakes. At my job I am more trusting of myself and what I am capable to do as a waiter.

When I write about a problem and forgive myself, it  helps me out in my daily living, I correct myself - I just listed some of the immediate benefits I have seen on daily blogging and self forgiveness. I am sure there are more to come, but for me it has been very important because before I was not trusting on myself on my job for example and now I am more relaxed and at ease because I know what I am capable of doing.

I don't know dear reader what points you are struggling with, but it would help to write them out and forgive yourself as I have been doing lately.

Before, I knew about self forgiveness, but the course that helped me understand it better and start to know how my mind works to be able to help myself is the Desteni I Process Lite. It is a free online course that helps you help yourself, through giving you essential Life skills.

Whenever I stumble upon a Steemian that needs help or anyone in general, I wish they could hear me and walk the DIP Lite. It is not the easiest path looking it from the outside, but it is the fastest easiest way to deal with any problem you may face in your life, anything at all. I can attest to that and the only way you can see if this is true or not is by testing it out.

With walking the DIP Lite I get the tools and the know-how necessary to take responsibility for myself and my life.

So I can't really cheer you up, but I can show you how I have been able to cheer myself up, and it is through having walked DIP Lite and daily blogging, along with applying what I write about in my daily living. And it is a Journey that I am sharing with you, that I commit myself to walk at least 7 years of daily blogging  - so it is not finished, but now I found a purpose, of bettering myself and my life, and if I can assist others in the process, I am very glad.


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