Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Day 67: Active Listening at 7 Cups of Tea

We are our own solution, I am my own solution. At times, we have a problem but it is generally true that we have the solution to our problem. I have tried out being an 'active listener', volunteering at 7cups.com for a few days some months ago, and more recently today.

7cups is a website where if you have a problem and need to talk to someone, you can go and have a text chat with an active listener for free; genereally we can't give advice but assist you in realizing your own solution. Active listeners need to pass a short formation to become one.

What I have found in my time there is that people know the answer to their problems but don't trust themselves that they do, and wait for someone external to validate them, wait for someone else to tell them the solution to their problem.

What is cool about 7cups is that I have seen how people can find out their own solution to their problems but what is missing from 7cups is something that supports the individual to walk the solution, an All-Encompassing definitive solution to help everyone's problems, which I can say it is the Desteni I Process Lite which is a free online course that gives you essential Life Skills to deal with your problems, and the more advanced DIP Pro, as they have helped me in many areas of my life, from overcoming addictions to solve work-related issues. So it is not enough in people realizing the solution to their problem but to empower them to walk the solution, once they know it/once they become aware of it.

The reason why I am stopping my participation in 7cups.com is the following: I cannot promote or give the ultimate solution to users of the website, DIP Lite and DIP Pro.

By only active listening to them I am not giving them the very solution that would enable them and empower them to walk the solution to their problems.

So I hope users of 7cups one day find this blog or hear about the DIP Lite and DIP Pro as it is invaluable what it can do for one's life.

Thank you to 7cups for these realizations and I am sure a lot of individuals have been helped by your mission, it is only that I cannot give half-solutions thus why I am stopping being an active listener.

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