Sunday, February 3, 2019

Day 121: The Power of Example

The other day I saw a facebook post from a Destonian about wearing earrings as a male - and how the world STAND came up where he stood no matter what others said about it.

I remembered how I put an earring once but later removed it as it got infected and was more or less persuaded by my mother to remove it. This time I put it on again and when I was at work my employer told me what happened to my ear as I had it covered because you can't wear earrings at my workplace. I told him it was an ear piercing and he simply looked me straight into my eyes - and I simply stood there Standing as well. It was a cool moment where I did not cower or hide from him but simply stood.

At the end of the shift I was at work when no costumers were around and I removed the cover of the piercing to show it to my coworkers - and guess what - my employer happened to come by and saw it - he stood there looking at it and finally told me that to work the next day I have to remove it as it is not allowed to wear earrings - this time I simply said I cannot remove it as it is freshly done but will cover it - again standing - and he said ok smiled and went off.

To me it is important to Stand in front of anyone but specially my employer - I have to stand up for myself with regards to anything that goes on at work for example if I want changes done in my contract and so on - one has to stand and not accept the lesser things that employers tend to give employees that do not stand for themselves such as working conditions and so on.

Hence the importance of Example and Showing Others what you have realised. I am grateful to this Destonian sharing about the point as I could integrate it into my life and Stand as well.

A reminder for me to keep sharing about my process as it is relevant for others that might be going through the same - we all have similar points and problems we face and together we can help each other.

This example of the earrings was shared on the #LIVINGWORDS day at the Desteni Universe Facebook group - if you are part of it or become part of it you will see many examples that are very cool about Living Words such as in this case STAND.

Previously I had not given it much attention to Living Words but I can see the impact it can have on one's day to day living. Definitely something to give it a look as it is part of the basics of the basics.

There are other Theme Days on the Desteni Universe Facebook group - where one can see the practical application of the tools which is great. 

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