Friday, February 1, 2019

Day 119: Check Back To Reality

Another dream.

This time I have some money and am at home and interact with my family members in a very harsh/hostile way, I only want to go get a tattoo done of the EQAFE logo on my chest, two little loops one at each side of my collarbones - lol. I go literally flying towards the tattoo shop, but it is too windy to fly so I can't fly straight, so I decide to walk, but suddenly I have a motorbike underneath me and I can simply give some gas to drive the motorbike - it is my brothers motorbike. I go without a helmet - the police sees me and stops me. I do as if I simply forgot the helmet but later on I disclose that I also don't have the driving license - in the process I am talking with the police the motorbike starts falling apart, the registration plate had fallen a while ago and they found it so they know who I am, the motorbike's battery falls to the floor... I try to scape but am caught and put into jail, where I find a neighbour that does not seem to recognize me from the past - I say I will try to escape but it looks gloomy - the jail is packed.

What does it all mean? Part by part and this is a bit of a difficult post but very eye opening - why? Because it makes me realize I have a long way to go and very much to walk still. Because the EQAFE tattoo, that I want to have done in my dream means 'promoting a message' because I do the tattoo for everyone to see on my chest, two little EQAFE loops. While all the while I have not cleared my relationship with my family, I have not applied to an effective degree what the very message entails which is self-change.

The police catching me without a license is the system saying hey - you have not really applied yourself to become effective at living in the system either - and yes I do not yet have a driving license which is something Bernard Poolman asked me - he simply asked, do you have a driving license? And I said no. Nothing more was said but I knew that a driving license is something one has to work towards and that I am working on currently. And also I don't have yet a university degree.

The neighbour not recognizing me in jail, In my dream I get to know the answer, he does recognize me but does as if he does not - Why? Because he knows it won't make a difference, we are all locked in prison so no need to 'recognize' me for anything as I did not make a difference for them and ended up with them when I could have made a change.

This part of the neighbour is crucial - In the moment of death, do you think all others that are dead that you knew during your lifetime will come rushing in to cheer you up? If you didn't make a difference for this world? If you did not stand up for yourself in this one lifetime? And I am speaking for me here, I am the one that had the dream but I think this applies for everyone. - No, no one will come rushing in to tap me on the back unless I have made a difference in this world, because if I have not made a difference in this world, I would be fucked as all others, and why bother cheering up someone for helping ALL remain inside prison/in chains?

And who needs a tap on the back when one has helped to change the world? Sure I don't as I am satisfied with the world changed - where All can Live and Express Fully.

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